Student loan rate: how to choose the best offer

What interest rate for a student loan?

Student loans are characterized by very low interest rates, unlike other personal loans. This is an attractive condition that allows students to not pay much interest on their loan. Most of the time this rate varies between 0.8% and 3% .

This student loan rate is thus the global percentage rate (APR) or the global annual effective rate (APR). This interest rate can also be variable or fixed, even if this second type is widely offered by banks because it is easier for young people to manage.

The APR is a priority because it includes several essential information related to credit costs: interest, fees, mandatory loan insurance.

Some banks offer promotional rates for students at certain times of the year!

Student loan at zero rate or € 1 per day

It is possible that you find a student loan offer at zero rates or € 1 per day at some institutions. These loans are interactive because your Grendelment will not be subject to any interest rate, you will repay the exact amount you borrowed. However, this type of credit has a low ceiling, since in many cases you will not be able to borrow more than € 1,000- € 1,500.

What about the student loan guaranteed by the State?

The State offers students a credit system guaranteed by the State, managed by BPIFrance, up to 70% support in case of outstanding payments. According to certain conditions, you can take advantage of it, but you must know that the bank approved with the State itself sets the student loan rate.

Compare student loans to find the best rate

Several banking organizations offer Grendelment solutions for students. Thus, to find the best student loan rate, the simplest solution is to compare consumption credits on, for free and in just a few minutes.

In this sense, you only have to fill the comparison form by giving more details on your project (amount, duration …) and on your profile. Thanks to this consumer credit simulation, we will then offer you the best offers on the market. You will then only have to choose the offer that suits you best.

You may be asked if you want to house your income in the bank that will offer you the student loan. Keep in mind that if you agree, the organization will give you Grendelment more easily.

The conditions for obtaining a student loan

Do not hesitate to negotiate the terms of the student loan with the banking institution, as these Grendelments are adapted to the case by case according to studies followed and job opportunities. You will not be able to borrow the same amount depending on your length of study.

First, you will need to certify:

  • Being of age: you must be between 18 and 28 years old, most of the time;
  • Be a student: with a student card or certificate of schooling;
  • Open a bank account in the lending institution, if it is not yet the case;
  • Have a guarantor: to guarantee a debt ratio lower than 33% as for all loans and avoid over-indebtedness.