Non-bank loan for entrepreneurs – Is there anything decent in the non-bank market?


Honestly? It depends on the required amount of the loan and the possibility of collateral by the applicant.

Non-banking firms cannot lend (certainly not on favorable terms) without mortgage.

So if we do not seriously find a solution for you in the banking sector, we know that you have already tried in vain or have failed your experience with a financial advisor. Well, we are pure lenders, we have good options and you do not pay anything in advance, so at least try with us, it is possible to deal with a fair and fair non-bank loan for entrepreneurs, but only with mortgage real estate.

How do we consult clients about a loan?

How do we consult clients about a loan?

If you have this option and the required loan amount does not exceed 70% of the market price of the property , which then goes against the collateral loan, we will be happy to evaluate specifically your request, situation and create a specific non-binding offer non-bank loan with collateral.

It is possible to solve even without real estate collateral, but only by bank. And here a lot depends on income – creditworthiness, history and other options and parameters of the entrepreneur’s demand for such without a collateral loan. However, if the parameters of the requesting entrepreneur, such as registers, creditworthiness are not downright bad, there is also a chance for a loan without collateral. But not with non-banking companies, they do not lend without pledge (under acceptable conditions).

Therefore, we try to apply for a purely free collateral loan from the entrepreneur or to give preference to this option, saying that he would like to pledge the collateral – if it would not be possible without the collateral, evaluate, enforce and arrange such a loan in one of the related banks. We have decent opportunities, contacts, and if we succeed, this option is always much more advantageous for entrepreneurs and I will repeat without a pledge again – the only possible.

Therefore, from our point of view, the reason why you are looking for a non-bank loan is quite important. Perhaps the reason is that you did not come up with a demand for a business loan with your bank and maybe even with several banks, perhaps with your financial advisor, a loaner.

However, we have our own credit facilities and there is a chance to negotiate a good business loan in the banking sector through us, even if you did not walk in the past. Communicate in the right places the main problem points, why you did not come and so the way to get a bank business loan to clear the way .

When do we choose a banking and non-banking institution for a client loan?

When do we choose a banking and non-banking institution for a client loan?

At the bank, the conditions will always be a better steamer than non-banking firms offer. Despite the fact that there is practically no non-bank loan for entrepreneurs without real estate collateral (only with collateral). Leaving aside a few miniature loans for huge interest, or a few offers far from less favorable loans without collateral for entrepreneurs, where more than 1 applicant out of 25 passes . And believe it, we would certainly “stretch” even in the bank under better conditions for him. And I think the percentage throughput would be considerably higher. So better than playing at a non-pledged non-banking institution, for which the risk of default is so intimidating that no one on the market is simply lending. And when someone who lends non-banking with tolerances of worse registers and income already appears on the non-banking market, the throughput of borrowing decreases over time and decreases until the subject often ceases to exist. Historically, that was the case.

Repeating the mother of wisdom. Without real estate collateral, the loan to entrepreneurs (practically also to consumers) in non-banking firms is entirely passive (too much risk for the investor). By bank it is possible to get relatively advantageous interest, longer maturity and the amount of the loan duly in hundreds of thousands, maximum of USD mil. In this respect, the economic results of the applicant’s entrepreneur (the tax return of the company) depend subsequently. Furthermore, the elaborated plan, future economy, repayment history – registers, etc.

This leads to a substantial inquiry. Do you have the option, are you willing, able to pledge real estate, either your own or a 3rd person who agrees to this? If so, there are generally higher chances of obtaining a (non) bank business loan and, in both cases, certainly better parameters: lower interest, longer maturity.

We are always always looking for a solution for the good of the seeking entrepreneur by the bank , because if we can find such a solution , it is much better for him . However, there is no problem, in which case the possibility of collateral by the requesting entrepreneur to ensure evaluation of decent non-bank investors in the market and to advance the offer for mortgage non-bank loan to entrepreneurs (ie with collateral-pledge) – in case in short, funding has not been lost.

Do you now need to raise money for your business as a loan for any particular purpose?

Do you now need to raise money for your business as a loan for any particular purpose?

Contact us for a non-binding evaluation of your specific request and find the ideal business loan option on the (non) bank credit market . You do not pay anything in advance, this market analysis and possible creation of a specific offer is completely non-binding.